Lesson Plans for the Classroom

Bring the Send-a-Postcard activity to your classroom! If you have more than one postcard, or are a classroom, a school, or organization, you may package multiple postcards into one large envelope or box to simplify shipping. Club for the Future will happily re-package these postcards and return them to back to the sender for distribution.

Here are three space lesson plans to get your class started.

Civics in Space

In this lesson, students will create a constitution to govern a human population living and working in space.

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Engineering for Space

In this lesson, students will sketch a prototype design for new technology that could be used to help meet the needs of people living and working in space.

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Building a Space Business

In this lesson, students will create artwork for a business venture related to space and use it to describe their business idea.

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Bringing Space to the Classroom with Club for the Future

Space is an avenue for all types of learning, not just for traditional science. Club for the Future’s goal is to support teachers who want to bring the access of space to their classroom by providing inquiry and project-based STEM activities that fit into existing curriculum, pathways to 21st-century careers, and insight to the space economy and how it relates to our student. To get started, try one of our three lessons that build future-ready skills by incorporating STEM with the liberal arts and practical arts. To integrate a multimedia component, try using our lessons on FlipGrid where students present their knowledge and ideas through a video reflection – a great way for your entire classroom to learn virtually together.

Additional Mission 1 Templates

A core component of each lesson plan is giving students access to send a postcard to space on Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket through the Club’s Mission 1 campaign. We encourage your students, their family and friends to also take part in that challenge so everyone can have a space-flown keepsake. Learn more on the Mission 1 page, and download the instructions and postcard template below: