Club Mission #1

Send A Postcard To Space

The Club for the Future is asking students from around the world to send us postcards answering the question:


Once you have your idea, draw it on a postcard, then mail it to the Club. Then, the Club will put your postcard on one of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rockets and launch it to space!

Upon your postcard’s return from space, it will be stamped “Flown to Space” then mailed back to you as a special keepsake. We have already launched thousands of students' ideas to space – now let’s send yours! Watch this video for instructions, or download the instructions below.

Addressing your postcard to space (and back):

Once you have your idea, draw your idea on a postcard, then mail it to the Club so it can fly to space on Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket. Here are the instructions.


Grab a blank 4″ × 6″ postcard or download the postcard template and print onto a thick sheet of paper


DRAW OR WRITE YOUR VISION OF what you would build in space that could help the earth


Fill out your home address and add a stamp on the back side


PO Box 5759
Kent, WA 98064
Place the postcard in a stamped and addressed envelope


Put the envelope in a mailbox. We’ll send it to space and then back home to you!

If you have more than one postcard, or are a classroom, a school, or organization, you may package multiple postcards into one large envelope or box to simplify shipping. Club for the Future will happily re-package these postcards and return them to back to the sender for distribution.

Your Postcard's Trip to Space


Blue Origin will send each postcard to space on an upcoming New Shepard launch from their launch site in Van Horn, Texas. The postcards are placed inside the crew capsule which flies to space on top of the rocket booster. Near the top of the flight, the capsule separates from the booster and continues into space.


The reusable booster then makes its way autonomously back to Earth for a pinpoint landing on the pad. Meanwhile, each postcard will experience zero-G as it floats in space 100 kilometers (or 63 miles) above the Earth before it returns.


The capsule lands under parachutes for a gentle landing in the desert. After touchdown, the Club will stamp each postcard with a custom “Flown in space” stamp, and mail it back via the United States Postal Service. Students can watch each launch live on and see their dream for the future ascend to space and land back on Earth.

The Club flew their first batch of thousands of postcards to space from students around the world on New Shepard mission NS-12. Watch the mission video from Blue Origin.