News | Sep 8, 2020

Club for the Future expands global footprint, brings ‘Send a Postcard To Space’ program to Bulgaria

Today, Club for the Future announced a first-of-its-kind international partnership to bring its ‘Send a Postcard Program’ to every student across Bulgaria, a country with a strong history in STEM education. The program aims to give students across the country direct access to space through Blue Origin’s reusable rockets.

The partnership is made possible thanks to Sofia, Bulgaria-based BrightCap Ventures and the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, and expands the Club’s reach internationally by building on its #EarthNeedsSpace STEM initiative for students and educators. To date, Club for the Future has partnered with organizations around the globe and flown postcards from dozens of countries on six continents.

Students across Bulgaria will create postcards answering the question, ‘Why do you think Earth needs space?'(opens in a new tab) Postcards generated through the program will be flown to space on upcoming launches of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket, and mailed back to each student with a ‘Flown to Space’ stamp.

A sample postcard drawing

"Bulgaria’s strength in technology and software development is growing exponentially, and ensuring we have rich STEM programs for our students to cultivate future talent is important,” said Georgi Mitov, Managing Partner, BrightCap Ventures. "The space industry is especially inspiring for our students, and this program is an invaluable opportunity for Bulgarian students across the country to envision how they could play a role in the future of life in space.”

“This initiative will motivate the next generation of creators – the ones who will solve the problems of humanity,” said Krassimir Valchev, Minister of Education, Republic of Bulgaria. “We are proud that thousands of Bulgarian students will have an opportunity to send their postcards to space and to learn about the technologies that make that possible.”

“We’re excited to bring space one step closer to students in Bulgaria through our ‘Send a Postcard to Space’ program,” said Josef Reinke, Director, Club for the Future. “The earlier we can inspire students to pursue careers in STEM, the bigger the talent pipeline we’ll have worldwide.”

To help students think about why Earth needs space, teachers and students can access the Club for the Future’s standards-aligned curriculum.

In addition to BrightCap Ventures and the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science, the program is also made possible with the support of America for Bulgaria Foundation, Speedy, EnduroSat, RUO Sofia, and Muzeiko.

Follow the program’s progress globally on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook via the hashtag, #EarthNeedsSpace.