Sample postcards with space-related drawings
News | Aug 26, 2021

Club for the Future sends thousands of postcards from more than a dozen countries to space and back on New Shepard

Today, Club for the Future sent thousands of postcards to space and back on Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket as part of the company’s NS-17 payload mission(opens in a new tab). Created by students from more than a dozen countries across six continents, the postcards depicted their visions for inventing the future of life in space.

In addition to postcards on board inside the crew capsule, Blue Origin launched a NASA lunar landing technology demonstration, commercial and NASA-supported payloads, and the first-ever art installation(opens in a new tab) on the exterior of the New Shepard capsule.

Two kids focus on an science experiment with a yellow balloon

Many of the Club’s valued partner organizations flew postcards on today’s flight, including: Space United(opens in a new tab)Tomatosphere(opens in a new tab), Dream Big Alabama, Huntsville Science Festival, Huntsville city libraries(opens in a new tab)Big Brothers Big Sisters(opens in a new tab)Dream Big Florida(opens in a new tab)STEM2 Hub(opens in a new tab)Muzeiko Bulgaria(opens in a new tab) and OK GO Sandbox(opens in a new tab).

Also onboard were postcards submitted by students at Space Center Houston that were created during the Club's recent visit as part of our involvement with Project Ianos, a NASA Office of STEM Engagement grant program. Project Ianos incorporates a video series with immersive classroom-based experiences for 5th-8th graders to inspire them to become explorers of space themselves. The program will formally launch in the next month at no cost to teachers, schools, after-school programs, and families so they can engage their young explorers in the journey toward living and working in space.

Other postcards were sent by students in our backyard of Van Horn, Texas, and mailed via the first-ever Postcard Mailbox to Space. The mailbox was designed, manufactured, and welded by seven Van Horn students in collaboration with Blue Origin engineers.

For more information about Club for the Future, its collaborators, as well as instructions for how to send a postcard to space, please visit