A postcard with a drawing of a lander
News | Mar 1, 2021

‘Send-a-Postcard-to-Space' Program expands across India

Club for the Future’s “Send a Postcard to Space” program is teaming up with Rocketeers, a model rocket company dedicated to expanding STEM education through hands-on learning activities. This collaboration deepens the Club’s presence in India following its partnership with the India Science Festival(opens in a new tab), a month-long event celebrating science and technology.

Founded in 2010 by two alumni of the Indian Institute of Space, Rocketeers has arranged full logistical support to distribute postcards to more than one million students, educators, teachers, and space enthusiasts across India in collaboration with its network of more than 30 STEM education partners across the country.

Drawn postcard featuring the Indian flag and multiple rockets

Students will draw or write an idea on a postcard illustrating their dreams of a future of millions of people living and working in space to benefit Earth. Rocketeers will ship the postcards back to the Club for the Future, where they'll fly to space and back onboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket. Following each flight, postcards will be mailed back to each student with a ‘Flown to Space’ stamp. 

“We’re excited to bring space one step closer to students in India,” said Josef Reinke, Director, Club for the Future. “By working with Rocketeers to integrate the postcards program into classrooms across India, we aspire to ignite students’ imaginations and inspire them to visualize the future of life in space.”

“This opportunity not only encourages more students to pursue careers in space and STEM, but it does so with an engaging hands-on activity,” said Divyanshu Poddar, co-founder of Rocketeers. “We’re thrilled to bring this to as large an audience as possible knowing they’ll someday be able to hold something that actually flew to space.”