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A young girl in a Blue Origin T-shirt holds up a paper postcard covered in drawings

Mail Postcards to Space

Use any type of paper and art supplies to mail a postcard to space through Club for the Future, which will be returned to you as a space-flown keepsake. There are templates available to download and print, or you can create your own postcard with recycled material. Follow the mailing instructions below.

Mailing Instructions

Step 1

Use a 4" x 6" (10 x 15 cm) postcard, notecard, or download and print the template.

Step 2

On the blank side, draw or write your vision for why Earth needs space.

Step 3

On the other side, write a message to yourself and add your address.

Step 4

Place the postcard in a stamped envelope.

If you have multiple postcards, place them in a large envelope or box and mail them to the Club in bulk.

Step 5

Address the envelope to the Club and drop it in the mail.

Club for the Future

35961 State Highway 54

PO Box 1552

Van Horn, Texas 79855-1552


Step 6

The Club will launch your postcard to space on a rocket and return it to you!

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