Aboutthe Club

A girl holds a cardboard box cut to look like an astronaut's helmet on her head

To Inspire and Mobilize Future Generations

Founded by Blue Origin, Club for the Future is a non-profit with the mission to inspire and mobilize future generations to pursue careers in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) for the benefit of Earth. The Club and its partners are doing this through the Postcards to Space program, providing space-focused lessons and events, and activating ambassadors around the world.

Postcards to Space

Club for the Future is proud to make space accessible to all humans through the Postcards to Space program. Anyone can draw or write their vision of the future on a postcard and Blue Origin will fly it to space and back on a future New Shepard mission. Club for the Future will then stamp them “flown to space” and return them to the creator.


We join forces with our partners and other organizations to reach underrepresented students and underserved communities so they can see themselves pursuing STEAM jobs and careers, supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in aerospace.


The Club collaborates with educational partners to create standards-aligned, space-based lessons for K-12 students to make learning fun.

Club Ambassadors

Club Ambassadors use their subject matter expertise to inspire the next generation through speaking opportunities, events, and mentoring.