Postcardsto Space

A girl in a 'Blue Origin' sweatshirt holds a paper postcard up to her face

Send Postcards to Space

Earth is finite. To protect our gem of a planet and enable a future of abundance and growth, Earth needs space. Write or draw your vision on a postcard for what you think the future will look like—or any other message you’d like to send to space. Send your postcard to Club for the Future, we'll launch it to space and back on a New Shepard rocket, stamp it "Flown to Space," and return it to you. Send us as many postcards as you'd like—we'll fly them all!

Club for the Future postcards are put into a payload locker, then placed in the New Shepard crew capsule

Your postcard is loaded into payload lockers and flown to space in the crew capsule.

New Shepard launches to space

New Shepard, Blue Origin’s rocket, launches to space from the West Texas desert.

Rendering of New Shepard crew capsule separation

The capsule carrying your postcard separates from the booster as it reaches space.

New Shepard booster lands on the pad at Launch Site One

New Shepard’s reusable booster returns for a gentle touchdown on the landing pad.

New Shepard crew capsule lands after successful flight to space

The capsule descends to Earth under parachutes after floating in space 100 kilometers above Earth.

Recovery of Club for the Future postcards from the landed capsule

Postcards are recovered, stamped "Flown to Space," and mailed to you as a space-flown keepsake.