News | May 3, 2022

Celebrate Teachers with a Thank You Note from Space

Educators motivate and inspire students every day, and we believe they deserve out-of-this-world appreciation.

In honor of Teachers’ Appreciation Week, Club for the Future is inviting students and parents to design a “Thank you” postcard from space to teachers, administrators, and school staff.

Mail the postcards to us, and we will send them to space on a future New Shepard rocket launch. After the postcards land safely back on Earth, we’ll mail them to your teachers stamped "Flown to Space" as a special keepsake.



Download and print postcards from our template(opens in a new tab). Don’t have a printer? Craft your own postcard from the back of notepads, cereal boxes, or notecards.


Write or draw your “Thank You” note on the postcard.


Place a postage stamp on each postcard and address them with your teacher’s name and the school where they work.

Ms. or Mr. Awesome 123 Happy Middle School City, STATE 98XXX


Put all of your postcards in one envelope or box and send to:

Club for the Future PO BOX 5759 KENT, WA 98064 U.S.A


Watch the launch of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket to see your “Thank You” postcard fly to space and back! Follow and subscribe to Blue Origin on YouTube(opens in a new tab) for launch updates.


Upon an Earthly landing, your “Thank You” postcards will be stamped “Flown to Space” and mailed through the United States Post Office to your teachers.

From all of us at the Club for the Future, we want to say THANK YOU to the entire education community for their hard work and dedication. Earth needs inspired students.

Download PDF(opens in a new tab)