Four people stand around a table covered in illustrated postcards
News | Mar 25, 2020

Club for the Future at-home activity

As more schools around the country shift to online learning amidst the COVID-19 crisis, Blue Origin’s nonprofit Club for the Future is seeking to build community during this isolated time at home by encouraging students, educators and parents to draw postcards answering the question: “What would you build in space that could help Earth?” The postcards will be flown to space on an upcoming flight of Blue Origin’s fully reusable New Shepard rocket, then sent back to the participating students.

Download a template for creating a postcard – along with mailing instructions to send a postcard to the Club for the Future to be launched into space by Blue Origin.

Four people stand around a table covered in illustrated postcards
Blue Origin employees who volunteer for the Club for the Future sort postcards from students that will launch to space on New Shepard.

“With Blue Origin’s access to space on the New Shepard rocket, Club for the Future is able to offer students around the world the unique opportunity to send their hopes and dreams to space – for the cost of a stamp,” said Josef Reinke, Club for the Future Director. “We have already flown thousands of postcards to space from students, and now they have a special flown in space keepsake that we hope inspires them to pursue their dreams.”

The Club’s first mission took place in December 2019, flying the first batch of thousands of postcards(opens in a new tab) from students from around the world to space and back on Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket. After their flight, each postcard was stamped “flown to space” before being returned to students’ mailboxes through the United States Postal Service.

In addition to the ongoing postcard campaign, the Club will release a suite of curriculum for students to continue STEM virtual learning in the coming weeks.

Founded in 2019 by Blue Origin, Club for the Future brings together teachers and K-12 students from around the world to engage in activities giving youth direct access to space through Blue Origin’s reusable launch vehicles.