News | Aug 5, 2020

‘Dream Big Florida’ program to send student postcards to space and back on Blue Origin's reusable rockets

Club for the Future and STEM2 Hub announced today the ‘Dream Big Florida’ postcard program to provide more than one million Florida students direct access to space through Blue Origin’s reusable rockets.

Dream Big Florida builds on the Club’s #EarthNeedsSpace STEM initiative for students and educators, which asks students to create postcards answering the question, “Why do you think Earth needs space?” Postcards generated through Dream Big Florida will be flown to space and back on upcoming launches of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket, and mailed back to each student with a ‘Flown to Space’ postmark.

The program will reach students in the first month back to school, providing teachers and students with an engaging activity to kick off the school year and inspire them to think about a future of life in space.

"This partnership and this project provide young people across the state of Florida with something that once seemed implausible: access to space,” said Kathleen Schofield, Executive Director, STEM2 Hub. “But more than that, each postcard represents the inner voice of a young person, a chance to be bold and dare to dream about the future, to ignite a spark of entrepreneurship, and set out on a path they may never have dreamed possible!"

“Club for the Future was launched last year by our founder to inspire students to pursue careers in STEM and help visualize the future of life in space to benefit Earth,” said Josef Reinke, Director, Club for the Future. “We are beyond excited to partner with Florida’s amazing STEM2 nonprofit, STEM2 Hub, and bring access to space to more than one million students across Florida through our ‘Send a Postcard to Space’ program.”

"Florida is the unquestioned leader in the global aerospace industry and we must continue to cultivate creative ideas. Through this partnership, Florida schools can become the incubators for innovation in the space economy,” said Daniel Davis, Space Florida Board Member, and President & CEO of the Jax Chamber. “Today’s students are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow who will create and build the space economy. This project offers the opportunity to produce over two million ideas for space innovation and we look forward to seeing those ground-breaking ideas."

To help students think about why Earth needs space, teachers and students can access the Club for the Future’s standards-aligned curriculum(opens in a new tab).

Follow the program’s progress on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook via the hashtag, #DreamBigFlorida.